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Rules & Info

Thank you for registering in the 23rd Annual Texas Classic Basketball Tournament to be held April 22-24, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

Tournament Information

  • This is the Premier Youth Basketball tournament in the State of Texas. Over 200 teams registered last year. Everything will run smoothly, as we will pay close attention to all details.
  • Every major scouting service in the country will be in attendance including RCS Sports, Texas Hoops, N.B Sports Report and The Regional Basketball Report is also sending their staff, Beyond Basketball, VYPE Magazine, extra eyes media, Sloan Review.

Roster Forms

  • By now, all Rosters should be received, along with Boys 15U – 17U teams completing the Player Rating portion of the form. This information will be included in our College Coaches’ Packet.
  • Grade Qualifications:
  • For all teams – bring proof of age/grade of all your players with you to the tournament. This is important! Challenges will be $500

Tournament Format, Rules, Etc.

  • A full set of rules is attached.
  • Pool play with all teams advancing to championship rounds – 3 game minimum. There is a possibility in the older divisions that some teams can play up to 4 games on Saturday and Sunday, starting early in the morning. Have your bench ready!

Other Information

  • Our web site is Rules, brackets, game times & directions to gyms will be posted as soon as possible.
  • There is an admission charge. Weekend tournament passes will be sold. Please make sure that parents are aware of the charge. Only two coaches and all players for each team get in free. (Up to two coaches per team will pay $20 each) Coaches will be required to wear wrist bands distributed with Coach’s Package, and players must wear team jerseys to pass admission.
  • Please stay in close communication and let us know if we can help in any way.
  • Every team that participates in the younger division of the Texas Classic is responsible for provide someone to keep the score book during their games. The home team in every game must provide someone to keep the score book. The visitor team is encouraged to have someone sit with the person keeping the book in case of discrepancies. Each team is responsible for their scorekeeper getting into gym sites. Teams may use a coach or parent to keep the score book. Each team will receive TWO coaching passes. Again, each team is responsible for their scorekeeper. Every team will be designated the home team at least once during the tournament.

Tournament Rules & Information – Texas Classic 2022

Headquarters for the tournament 9u -17u TBD. All brackets will be posted and updated at tournament headquarters. Only the brackets for the applicable teams playing will be posted at the other sites. Headquarters will be open Friday from 5 pm – 10 pm), Saturday from 8 am -12 pm.

Teams are required to check in at Headquarters prior to your first game (please plan to arrive early especially if your first game is scheduled at a different site).


1. Normal high school rules with stop clock on all dead balls.

2. There will be two 16-minute halves for 15u – 17u divisions.

3. There will be two 14-minute halves for 13u – 14u divisions.

4. There will be two 14-minute halves for 9u – 12u divisions.

5. 3 timeouts total per game—2 full and 1 thirty-second timeout.

6. One minute halftime.

7. Guaranteed 3-minute warm-up between games.

8. Overtime is 2 minutes – 1 30-second timeout in overtime with no carryovers. Each extra overtime is 2 minutes with no timeout.

9. A player fouls out on his 6th personal foul.

10. A team reaches 1-and-1 bonus on the 10th team foul of each half. There is no 2-shot bonus.

11. Team listed on left and top of bracket is home and wears light color. Bring both colors to game in case a team does not have extra uniforms.

12. Two technical fouls result in automatic ejection from the game.

13. All teams move from pool play to bracket play.

14. Seeding from each pool will be determined by win-loss record in pool play. In case of ties, head-to-head competition determines seed. If 3 teams are tied, a point system comes into effect. There is a maximum of +15 for a win in pool and –15 for a loss in pool. All games in pool are included in figuring point system. In case teams are still tied, the least total points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed. In case there is still a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding.

15. At the end of pool play, check brackets at Headquarters for seeding as you might play within a few hours. In case of changes, the brackets at Pearland High School are final and official. Please check with the gym you are playing in to verify any bracket times and locations. You are responsible for knowing where and when your team plays. You can always ask the gym supervisor to check for you at the gym where you finish pool play. If you do not arrive at your scheduled bracket game on time, it will be a forfeit.

16. A player can only play on one team in his age group during the entire event. If a team loses, that player cannot switch to another team still in competition. All players participating in bracket play must have participated in at least one of the team’s pool games.

17. Grade Qualifications:

  • AAU Boys Rules
  • Unsigned Seniors: Unsigned seniors can play as long as they have not committed in writing to play for a college at any level. Unsigned prep school players are also eligible to play in our tournaments. If a player has signed a letter of intent and you think they won’t qualify because of grades, they still cannot play. The tournament management has the right to exclude any senior from playing. If a team is found to have an illegal player (over age), they will receive losses for all games played and possibly be disqualified from the tournament. The player in question will not be allowed to play. Do not embarrass yourself or your team by bringing illegal players. For all teams, no matter the division, bring proof of age/grade of all your players with you at the tournament. This is important.

18. During the tournament games, if a team is ahead by 20 point or more the clock will continue to run until the team reaches under 16 points.

19. The Tournament Director will have the final say regarding any disputes. This tournament is for the kids — let’s always keep that in mind!

20. We will present a team trophy to all team players for 1st & 2nd place in each division’s championship.

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